Vacant space is to be turned into living space

Housing and integration of recognized refugees is a major challenge for the state and municipalities.
For communities with vacant buildings, it can be a chance at the same time. The market town of weisendorf is the first municipality in central franconia to take part in the free state’s urban development demand program.
The market town of weisendorf wants to renovate a vacant residential and office building from the 1950s on hauptstrabe. Weisendorf thus benefits from the government program "use vacancies – create living space" the city’s road construction requirement. With a subsidy of up to 90 percent of the eligible costs, the state’s financial contribution is extraordinarily high.

Only one bid – and that too late

At the last meeting of the building and environment committee, the planning for heating/air conditioning/sanitary and building services, as well as for the electrical system, was supposed to be awarded.
As the chairman of the meeting and second mayor karl-heinz hertlein explained to the committee, six offices were invited to submit a bid. However, no bid was received by the opening date, and one bid was received late and could therefore not be evaluated. Two bureaus informed by telephone that they will not submit a bid. Two other firms declined to submit bids due to capacity constraints.
One office would have liked to submit a bid, but was unable to do so for vacation reasons. This is due to the good economic situation, construction is going on everywhere and planners and tradesmen are working to full capacity, explained hertlein.
Therefore, the call for bids has been cancelled and a new call for bids will be made. The deadline for the submission has been set for 27. September set at 11 a.M.

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